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Neximatic's Vital Sign Streaming Solution Has Been Deployed by PhyMed Healthcare Group to Over 10 Hospitals and Surgery Centers in 6 Months

CHICAGO, Oct. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PhyMed Healthcare Group, a physician-led and owned anesthesia services leader, has selected Neximatic to automate vital sign charting and has deployed the solution to over 10 hospitals and surgery centers in 6 months, demonstrating the simplicity on using the Neximatic's solution to raise quality of patient care.

PhyMed Healthcare Group is a leading and growing anesthesia services provider group that focuses on providers and patient care. With the integration of the Neximatic's solution into its electronic health record (EHR) system, PhyMed providers no longer need to record hundreds of vital signs on charts. They can instead focus on the patients, the dynamics in ORs and make clinical decisions for the best outcomes.

Deploying the Neximatic's solution is easy and straightforward. "We can install the solution in a 12-OR facility in half a day. Auto-charting can start the next morning," said Ryan Dorr, Chief Information Officer. "It does not require new IT infrastructure like VLAN at the facility and has no interruption to the providers' work." This flexibility in the Neximatic's solution minimizes IT burden, and PhyMed can concentrate its resources on its providers.

"We are very excited on the progress at PhyMed," said Bobby Wong, President of Neximatic. "The strong IT team at PhyMed understands our solution very well and they are making good use of it."

About Neximatic, Inc.

Neximatic, Inc. is a technology provider for electronic health record (EHR) providers, enabling new features in EHRs. Its vital sign streaming solution has enabled automatic charting in AIMS and telehealth applications. For more information, please visit or email to

About PhyMed Healthcare Group

Headquartered in Nashville Tennessee, PhyMed Healthcare Group is a physician-led and owned anesthesia services leader with a focus on redefining perioperative partnerships. PhyMed clinicians create positive patient interactions before, during and after surgery as a trusted partner to healthcare systems, ambulatory surgery centers and office-based anesthesia with over 700 clinicians nationwide.

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