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AMG Ketamine & Wellness Center Opens in Cool Springs

AMG Ketamine & Wellness Center

Anesthesiology group offers safe, proven treatment for depression, pain and other conditions

FRANKLIN, Tenn. — The AMG Ketamine & Wellness Center, a new alternative for patients who have not found an effective treatment for depression, pain, PTSD, OCD and other conditions, has opened in Cool Springs at 1909 Mallory Lane, Suite 300 in Franklin, Tenn.

Ketamine, an anesthetic drug that has been safely administered by anesthesiologists since 1970, has been proven highly effective in managing these conditions, either individually or when depression, anxiety, and pain appear together. It works differently than oral medications, such as antidepressants, opioids, or alternative treatments and can provide relief of symptoms in many patients within days of initiating treatment.

For those suffering from chronic pain, ketamine can also reduce or even eliminate their need for opioids.

The center is affiliated with Anesthesia Medical Group (AMG), one of the largest physician-led anesthesia practices in the U.S.

“Ketamine can deliver life-changing benefits to those who have been forced to live with the debilitating effects of these conditions,” said Dr. Randall Malchow, medical director of the center. “The key is to administer it safely under the direction of highly trained anesthesiologists.”

Patients must be referred by a physician to the AMG Ketamine & Wellness Center. Two types of ketamine treatments are available — intravenous (I.V.) infusion and Spravato, a nasal spray in smaller doses — which are both administered on-site at the center over a series of visits.

Safely administered by anesthesiologists, tailored for patients

Because ketamine is a powerful FDA-controlled anesthetic drug, safety is the prime concern at the AMG Ketamine & Wellness Center. “While some other clinics rely on physicians without anesthesia training — or even nurses and technicians — to administer ketamine, our treatments are always managed by board-certified anesthesiologists,” said Dr. Malchow.

Additionally, unlike other practitioners, anesthesiologists have the training and experience to safely administer higher — and often more effective — doses of ketamine, to meet each patient’s unique needs. “A greater percentage of our patients will experience relief and often can go longer periods between maintenance infusions, saving them money and inconvenience,” said Dr. Malchow.

Why ketamine is different

Ketamine can work in three different ways to effectively treat pain and depression:

  1. It increases the amount of glutamate in the nervous system, which helps the brain and spinal cord process pain in a healthier way. This also can decrease depression.
  2. It resets pain receptors. With chronic pain and opioids, these receptors are turned on all the time. Ketamine quiets them down.
  3. It decreases inflammation in the nervous system that contributes to pain and depression.

Although ketamine infusion is typically not covered by insurance, financing is available. In addition, the center provides a CMS Form 1500 Health Insurance Claim Form for possible reimbursement. Spravato nasal treatment is typically covered by insurance.

For more information and a free assessment, call (615) 813-5006, email, or visit

About Dr. Randall Malchow

Dr. Malchow is an acknowledged U.S. expert on ketamine administration. A graduate of West Point, he served as an anesthesiologist for 25 years in the armed forces before becoming the first physician at Vanderbilt Medical Center to offer intensive ketamine infusion therapy in early 2015. Soon after, he established one of the few ketamine infusion centers in the Veteran Health Administration, which was highly effective.

About Anesthesia Medical Group

Formed in 1994, AMG is one of the largest physician-led anesthesia practices in the U.S., with more than 500 certified clinicians including 120 physicians. After 20 years of successful practice and expansion throughout Middle Tennessee, AMG became the foundation for PhyMed Healthcare Group, formed in 2012. AMG provides anesthesia services to a wide variety of hospitals, surgery centers and physician offices throughout Middle Tennessee.

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